1.           Organization

a) This Event is organized by the Grupo Columbófilo do Cartaxo and has as its sports name DERBY CARTAXO - CAPITAL DO VINHO, whose event aims to raise funds for the maintenance of the Grupo Columbófilo do Cartaxo, being one of its main sources of funding.

b) This regulation and the values presented in it refer to a participation of 600 to 750 paid pigeons, in teams of 6 (5+1), recalculation in case of more or less

c) In case this number is not reached all the values and other criteria may be adjusted according to the percentage of athletes paid.

d) The athletes offered in the 5+1 offer will not be counted as athletes paid.

e) The Cartaxo Derby - Capital of Wine, does not exchange with other OLRs or with Owners of other One Loft Races.

f) The Cartaxo Derby is integrated in the FCI World Ranking

2.           Who can participate

a)       Participation is open to all pigeons/athletes, national and international, and all must have an official ring approved for the year 2020.

b)      Only pigeons with FCI ring can enter the FCI Ranking / prize

3.           The maximum number of pigeons that a competitor can register

a) Each participant may enroll as many pigeons as he wishes. For each team of 5 pigeons, the organization will offer one pigeon free of charge (5+1). All these pigeons will be active.

b) In case of participating with more than one team, they will be identified as Team A, Team B...

c) There is the possibility to enter incomplete teams and the price of each pigeon will be 60 euros and there will be no free pigeon.

d) Pigeons registered in a team, cannot be replaced from one team to another.

e) If a pigeon/athlete is lost in the period of preparation/adaption, it can be replaced until April 25th 2020, at no extra cost. Participants will be contacted by the organization whenever a replacement is necessary. Participants are responsible for the expenses of bringing the replacement pigeon to the loft. For transportation fees, do contact the organization or the agent in your country.

f) For each pigeon lost before the 1st training (scheduled as FALCÃO I) and for each pigeon that has not been replaced the participant is entitled to place a pigeon, free of charge in the 2021 edition.


4.           Conditions and cost of registration

a) The inscription of each young bird has the value of 60,00 euro.

For every five young pigeons registered, the pigeon fancier benefits from the free registration of one more pigeons.

Teams of 6 pigeons (5+1 free) = EUR 300

Teams of 12 pigeons. (10+2 free) = 600 euros

b) Registrations will be considered valid, only after payment of the registration fee.

c) The organization will only replace pigeons (free of charge) or will give a free pigeon in 2021 edition, only for pigeons that were paid

d) For all pigeons that are not paid upon 8 days before the 1st race counting for the Ace pigeon ranking, the participant loses the right to the prizes

e) In case of withdrawal this value is not refundable.

5.           Payment

a) To make your registration just enter our website, fill in the form correctly and send it. Or fill in the registration form manually and deliver it personally to an agent upon delivery of pigeons or send it by mail to the organization.

b) Only the registrations that are paid within 15 days after registration, will be considered valid.

c) Beneficiary: Grupo Columbófilo do Cartaxo

Bank: Caixa Geral de Depósitos

For transfers in Portugal NIB: 0035 0213 0002 3272 1307 4

For transfers abroad IBAN: EN 50 0035 0213 0002 3272 1307 4  SWIFT/BIC: CGDIPTPL.

d) Put the name of the team as reference in the banc transfer. Preferably transfer confirmation can be sent by e-mail

6.           The period for registration and reception of pigeons at the pigeon racing centre

a) Registration can be made from the beginning of February and the reception/entry of the young pigeons will take place from 09 February to 25 April 2020 inclusive, and must be accompanied by the respective owner certificates (obligatory) and the (basic) pedigrees (with the address, telephone contact and e-mail of the participant and must clearly mention the full ringnumbers of the mother and the father of the pigeon)

7.           The maximum and minimum age of the young birds on delivery to the Loft

The young pigeons must be approximately 6 weeks or older.

8.           The form(s) of sending the pigeons to the Loft

a) The pigeons must be vaccinated against PMV, 20 days prior to beeing sent. When entering the pigeon racing area all the pigeons will be vaccinated and treated in accordance with the veterinarian's program.

b) The pigeons must be sent to the address of the organizer:





2070-242 CARTAXO


c) The Grupo Columbófilo do Cartaxo should be indicated as the recipient of the order, in all cases the management of the Grupo Columbófilo do Cartaxo should be contacted on before to schedule the collection

d) For international shipments, please contact our international promoter (contacts on the website).

e) In case of transportation by air, the destination airport should be Lisbon.

f) The pigeons must be accompanied by:

Certificate of vaccination against PMV from the country of origin, this beeing an essential rule for pigeons to participate in the Derby do Cartaxo - Capital do Vinho.

Owner certificates and basic pedigrees (obligated).

g) It has become a mandatory rule of the “Federação Portuguesa de Columbofilia/FPC” that all pigeons participating in OLR in Portugal do need an owner certficates, in order to effectively participate in OLR. For all pigeons that do not have an original owner certificate, one will be requested to the FPC. The cost of 2 euro per pigeon will be charged to the participant, as he/she has not sent the originals along with the transport of the pigeons.

h) There is the possibility of participation of pigeons from third countries. These pigeons are subject to a quarantine period, to be held at the Quarantine Centre of the Portuguese Pigeon Federation.

9.           The transport to the release sites

a) The transport to the release sites will be done in appropriate transport, and equipped with a GPS system, controlled by the “Federação Portuguesa de Columbofilia”.

10.         Calendar

a) All the trainings and events to be disputed and scheduled, may be changed for meteorological reasons, or other reasons beyond the organization. The decision of the organization is sovereign.

b) The calendar includes a SEMIFINAL in the Canizal area at a distance of 366 km (Spain) and a FINAL in the Aranda del Duero area 513 km (Bottom Race) both including the ACE PIGEON Ranking. Final is scheduled for Sunday 08 August 2020. Calendar is posted on the website.

11.         Awards

(a)    Calculation of prize money is based on entry of 600 to 750 payed pigeons in teams of 6 (5+1), recalculation of prizes/awards will be done in case of more or less payed pigeons


(b)    The premium values are net (no taxes)

c) All the prize-winners of each classification, have the right to a diploma stating their classification.

d) List of prizes:



5.000 €

2.500 €

1.000 €

   750 €

500 €

300 €

250 €

200 €

200 €


200 €


150 €


150 €

13º ao 20º

100 €







300 €


200 €


150 €







300 €


200 €


150 €







300 €


200 €


150 €







2.000 €


750 €


500 €






1.000 €


750 €


500 €


250 €


200 €


200 €


200 €


150 €


100 €



100 €



12.         Classifications

a) Ex aequo classifications

"...If on an arrival it turns out that several pigeons are classified on an ex aequo, each one receives the score corresponding to the place where the ex aequo started".

The next competitor will be classified and scored according to what would have been awarded if there had been no tie for the previous places.


1st Participant A (245 points) - 2nd Participant X (235 points) - 3rd Participant Y (234 points)

4th Participant P (225 points) - 4th Participant T (225 points) - 6th Participant O (219 points)

In this example, there is not a fifth.

b) Classification by Teams. All Participants registered with more than one pigeon in the DERBY CARTAXO - CAPITAL OF THE WINE shall participate in this classification.

c) The winning team is the one that obtains the sum of the highest points scored by the first 2 pigeons of a team in the training sessions held for Ace Pigeons, semi-final and the final race

d) In case of Ex aequo, the team that obtains the lowest sum of the ranking places obtained by its 2 first pigeons in the final race, will win. If there is still a draw, the team with the best ranked pigeon wins.

e) A trophy and a diploma will be awarded to the first 3 teams.

13.         Regulations for Ace Pigeons.

a) To win the Ace Pigeon, the pigeon has to participate in the final competition and classify within the ACE PIGEON classification - In case of a draw after the completion of the 5 competitions, the pigeon with the best classification in the final race will be the winner of the Ace Pigeon prize.

b) Time criteria

In all ACE PIGEON races the classification ends 8 hours after the arrival of the first pigeon discounting dead hours (if any).

c) The winner will be the pigeon with the highest sum of average of the 5 races, including semi-final and final race, in case there is no race to count for the Ace Pigeon, to find the winner count the races held.

14.         Auctions

a) All the athletes/pigeons will be auctioned after the final race. The organization of the Derby Cartaxo - Capital do Vinho will coordinate the sales of the pigeons with the companies of National and International Auctions, will hire photographers and will pay other expenses inherent to the sales. After the sale, the organization will deduct 30% of the sale, and will send the owner 50% of the remaining amount and the remaining 50% will be delivered to the Cartaxo Group Columbófilo as commission for its service.

b) All participating members are entitled to the % of the sale value of their athletes as long as they have pedigree in the sale and the end bid is minimum 150.00 euro.

c) The athletes/pigeons must have a basic pedigree with indication of father and mother ring number upon delivery to the Loft. A more complete pedigree can be send by mail, after the Final Race for auction purposes. In case of not presenting a basic pedigree upon the basketing for the Final Race, the participant will not be entitled to his % of the pigeon's sales value.

d) If the athlete/pigeon returns to the auction for the second time, after it has not been sold in the first auction, this amount reverts to the organization and the participant will not be entitled to any money.

e) If resale is due to non-payment of the pigeon, the participant shall be entitled to its % of the following sale.

f) The values of the auctions will be credited to the accounts of the participants only after delivery and good recovery of the pigeons. If the pigeon is returned due to non-payment the participant will be informed.

g) The auctions will be organized by an independant website chosen by the organization. All payments of pigeons acquired in auction, must be made to the website in charge.

15.         Identification of those responsible for the various areas of the pigeon racing

a) Administrative Area

The administration of the event is in charge of a team, all of them with many years of experience in pigeon racing and event organization.

The President of the Board of Directors of Grupo Columbófilo do Cartaxo - João António Nunes Silva, chairs the working group and the entire Administrative area of Derby

Contact (351) 919 500 312

b) Technical Sports Area of the Derby

Francisco Alberto Esteves Roma Costa Duarte - Treasurer of the Group Columbófilo of Cartaxo, directs in coordination with the President the Technical Sports area of the Derby, as well as, all works related to the computer area of registration of pigeons and classifications.

Contact (351) 966 577 363

c) Meteorology Area

The Meteorology Officer at the Derby Cartaxo – Capital do Vinho is Captain Fernando Garrido, a member of the Portuguese Pigeon Federation for this area.

d) Veterinary Area

All the pigeons are under the control of a Doctor - Official Veterinarian: Dr.Nuno Palma Carpinteiro with Professional Card No. 1520 who oversees all aspects related to the health of the colony and weekly will be carried out control tests in a Laboratory of the specialty (Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine)

e) National and International Employees

Official Agent for Portugal and Coordination of Delivery of Borrachos to Columbódromo:

Tiago Teles (Asas & Patas) 919204021

CONTACTS - General Affairs.

JOÃO NUNES 919 500 312 President

FRANCISCO DUARTE 966 577 363 Treasurer

Main International Agents.

Marc Bert BELGIUM - FRANCE - OTHERS             

0032 495 66 72 08


Henrique Silva GERMANY - OTHERS      

0049 157 313 77 610


Daniel Brandt GERMANY - OTHERS        

0049 593 51 369

Arkadiusz Maziarz POLAND - OTHERS   

0048 184 44 92 98


Filipe Bastos SUIÇA - OTHERS    

0041 798 256 365


Tiger Team ITALY - OTHERS       

0039 329 73 158 52


Kurt Helgesen SCANDINAVIA    

0047 405 43 500


These Agents may be joined by others during the registration period, and we have elected as our main International Promoter the Agent Marc Bert.

16.         The identification of the electronic discovery system used

a)       The system for verifying the arrival of pigeons in training and races is an official electronic system authorised by the “Federação Portuguesa de Columbofilia” of Benzing Brand.

b) The results of all races, can be followed in the LIVE OLR system of the Benzing brand prepared for the OLR and on our website in a deferred time.

17.         Disclaimer

a) The organization reserves the right to introduce the necessary changes or modifications in order to adjust the regulation to the law or to the directives of superior organisms, as well as, to correct lacunae found in all this regulation.

18.         Missing Cases

a) All the omitted cases will be solved by the Organization of the Derby do Cartaxo - Capital do Vinho in accordance with the provisions of the National Sports Regulations.

a) Any eventuality that causes conflict, not covered by this regulation, will be solved by the organization, governed by the national laws of Portugal, and this decision will be final.

b) The official regulations will be in Portuguese language and the one posted on the event's website, as any translation into another language may have errors of understanding.