Derby Cartaxo

Dear Participants!

The Derby 2020 with all the problems due to the Covid19 and a series of setbacks such as the Indefinition of the Calendar, and also the objectives of the number of REGISTRATIONS / COLLECTIONS not having been achieved, led us to some setbacks in action and finally to some constraints.

In previous years, even if the objectives of registrations were not achieved, we assumed the difference in values. This year we do not have the economic capacity to do so and we were forced to reduce the value of the premiums by 25% as a result of the same percentage in the reduction in expected revenue.

All this makes us depressed, discouraged and it is with emotion and deep sadness that we tell you that we have revised the TABLE OF PRIZES downwards, but nothing that was not foreseen in the REGULATION, where it was said and quoted:

"The calculation of the prizes is based on the entry of 600 to 750 pigeons paid teams of 5+1, in case of more or less the values will be recalculated."

This year the number of paid inscriptions only reached about 450 pigeons which represents 25% less in revenue

We hereby inform you that the total amount of Prizes has increased from the announced 20,000 euros to 15,000 euros which we can guarantee!

Regretting, but certain of your good understanding to this unpleasant information, we thank you for all your good understanding and all your support!

The Organization