Prizes and Rules 2018

 Download: Flyer,Prizes and rules PDF 



• To qualify for the ACE PIGEON, will count all the training done with distance great than 100 kms, inclusive, and the final race. The classification will be done through the points system.

For the ACE PIGEON classification, the pigeon must participate in the Final Race - In case of a points tie after the conclusion of the Ace Pigeon races, the pigeon with the best classification in the final race will be the winner of the ACE PIGEON award.

In all races for ACE PIGEON  ( Ace Pigeon Race + FINAL RACE)  the classification ends after the arrival of 25% of the pigeons scored, or within the verification period that will be until the 08:00PM  of the day following the race.

Pigeons that do not return within the Final Race period will be excluded from the Ace Pigeon competition.



Any omission, or eventuality that causes conflict, not covered by this regulation will be resolved by the organization, being governed by the Portuguese laws, and this decision will be final.

The official regulation will be in Portuguese language and the one posted on our event website, prevailing over any translation in another language, which may contain errors and be susceptible of misinterpretation or misunderstanding.