13 Agosto 2019, terça-feira . Derby

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Saturday the 17th of August will be the end of the Cartaxo Capital Wine Derby.

With a Training and Tasting Calendar marked by the adversity of the climatic conditions and still conditioned by the fires that appeared to decimate a few more hectares of forest of our country, whose resulting fumes came to make even more difficult the flight plan in the area of the trajectory of our pigeons, strong winds, very high ultraviolet rays, morning fogs, thunderstorms, bureaucratic difficulties, etc., here are some of the problems we had to face, but nothing that has prevented the fulfilment of our Objective.

Here we are, with a sense of duty fulfilled.

These pigeons, who are now going to FINAL, who are certainly the most fortunate and resistant of our Initial List, have already given satisfaction to the Participants their Breeders and to whom we give, from now on, our congratulations for having arrived so far! Pigeons that in Training already have in their wings more than 1,450 Kms of flight! I would like, from now on, to thank all the Collaborators involved in the realization of this DERBY with prominence to the Meteorologist Cap. Fernando Garrido who has helped us a lot in the weather forecast and in the most favorable moments to make the releases.

We also want to thank the Participants for their adherence to this event and their good understanding for the changes we made to the calendar with the sense of defending the pigeon and respect as much as possible the flight plan! A word to those who were less happy with their athletes, what happened is not a reason for discouragement, because in these events you have to count on some misfortunes... Thank you all very much for trusting us!

We leave you with a few reflections:

Neither defeats nor victories are definitive. This gives hope to the defeated, and should give a lesson in humility to the victorious.

"José Saramago"

A quitter never wins and a winner never gives up.

Napoleon Hill

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